Finding Free Online Resources from Lineage Societies

Elizabeth O’Neal to Discuss Online Lineage Society Resources

The Second Life Chapter APG is pleased to present Elizabeth O’Neal (a.k.a. Ellington Sweeney) as the speaker for the January 2018 chapter meeting. Elizabeth will discuss “Finding Free Online Resources from Lineage Societies.”

Lineage societies have been collecting and preserving family histories for more than 125 years. But did you know that some of these resources can be found for free online? And you don’t even have to be a member to take advantage of them!

Thousands of applications and supporting documents have been submitted to lineage societies over the years, and your brick wall ancestor could be hiding in the file of one of their members. From the databases and downloadable documents of the DAR, to simple lists of pioneers and soldiers: this presentation will show you which gems are available online and where to find them. By the time we are finished, you just might be inspired to join!

WHEN: Thursday, 11 January 2018
TIME: 6:00 p.m. SLT (same as Pacific Time)
WHERE: The Fire Pit at Just Genealogy SLurl

About Elizabeth O’Neal

Elizabeth O’Neal is a professional genealogist, writer, and educator who has been researching her family history for more than three decades. She is a member of numerous lineage societies, including the Daughters of the American Revolution, and is an avid promoter of their genealogical resources.

Elizabeth has been blogging about genealogy for more than 10 years. As the author of the blog My Descendant’s Ancestors, she shares family stories, technology and methodology tips, and hosts the monthly “Genealogy Blog Party.”



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